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Description Part No. Sale Price Shipping Total Price Shopping Cart
 Color Pack (CYMK) 200-100120 $542.25 $13 $555.25
 Black Toner 200-100115 $119.00 $8 $127.00
 Black Toner 5-Pack 200-100115-5pk $562.25 $15 $577.25
 Cyan Toner 200-100112 $150.25 $8 $158.25
 Cyan Toner 5-Pack 200-100112-5pk $713.50 $15 $728.50
 Magenta Toner 200-100113 $150.25 $8 $158.25
 Magenta Toner 5-Pack 200-100113-5pk $713.50 $15 $728.50
 Yellow Toner 200-100114 $150.25 $8 $158.25
 Yellow Toner 5-Pack 200-100114-5pk $713.50 $15 $728.50
 OPC Belt Cartridge 200-100116 $335.00 $9 $344.00
 OPC Belt Cartridge 3-Pack 200-100116-3pk $955.50 $15 $970.50
 Fuser Cleaning Roller 200-100117 $39.00 $5 $44.00
 Fuser Cleaning Roller 20-Pack 200-100117-20pk $623.00 $12 $635.00
 Waste Toner Bottle 200-100119 $20.00 $5 $25.00
 Waste Toner Bottle 20-Pack 200-100119-20pk $380.00 $13 $393.00

Payment Methods
Credit Card, Company Check (check must clear before shipment), Electronic Transfer, Money Order or Certified Check. Two ways to buy and pay by Credit Card Go to the supply item on the home page, click on the item or items, and put them into the shopping cart. Follow the instructions for shipping and credit card purchase. Call us and we will process your order by phone!

We use Paypal for secure transactions BUT you do not need a Paypal account to purchase supplies or equipment.

Shipping Handling Information

All orders are shipped the day of the order or the next business day. Customer will be notified by phone or email of any back orders. All orders are shipped UPS. Any other requested shipping method, please call for pricing. Customer will be notified of shipping date and tracking number on all equipment orders. Thanks for your business.


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