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Ilumina 502 Digital Color Press

New profit opportunities are here. Our Ilumina® 502 Digital Color Press is just the machine your creativity needs to crank out fresh ideas on oversized, double thick cover weights up to 502 gsm. Print on thick stock media, traditionally the province of large volume offset printers, including a wide range of paper weights from text weight to ultra thick cover (75 to 502 gsm). Stretch your imagination by producing full color banners, calendars, in-store signage and posters on oversized media up to 12.9" x 47.24" (327 mm x 1200 mm) maximum

At the core of the Ilumina 502 Digital Color Press is the Adobe Postscript 3 internal RIP. This easy-to-use RIP takes any job, from a Mac or PC, and captures all of the image data to ensure the best quality print. It uses multi-bit color to ensure spectacular color quality. This approach to color printing creates 32 shades (levels) for every process color. With multi-bit color every detail is captured in vivid color. The first sheet off the Ilumina is sellable with zero make-ready. Print out only the amount needed and control your job costs. . 

The Ilumina is equipped with single pass imaging to benefit your overall workflow. Each process color imaging head works in tandem to transfer the image directly to the sheet in one pass, just like a 4 color traditional press. It comes with a color densitometer built-in to check the ink density while the job is running. This continuously monitors image quality and will make the required adjustments to consistently produce high quality output. You will get incredible color consistency from your first print to your last print and no surprises on repeat print jobs. The Ilumina comes standard with color management controls. The print driver provides an easy path to control color through ink simulations, color matching modes, and color profiles. Also included is ColourMatch 2 software which offers more in-depth control over monitor, scanner, source and destination color profiles. finished.


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Description Model No. Sale Price Shipping Total Price Shopping Cart
Ilumina 502 Digital Color Press with 768MB Ram, Multipurpose tray, Universal paper tray, Duplex unit, 20 GB internal hard drive. 500-100838 $8,995.00 Based On
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(866) 218-9052


2nd/3rd optional tray for a total of 530  sheets per tray 250-100081 $495.00 Per tray $74.00 $569.00
High capacity tray unit (3 trays) 250-100083 $1,495 $195.00 $1,690.00
128 MB Ram upgrade 100-100711 $190.00 $5.00 $195.00
256 MB Ram upgrade 100-100712 $299.00 $5.00 $304.00
512 MB Ram upgrade 100-100713 $499.00 $5.00 $504.00

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